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My experience of working in outdoor recreation and in youth work give me a special insight into these areas. My enjoyment of working in these fields gives me a special motivation to see others develop in them.
I have worked with people towards a very wide range of goals - fitness, spiritual, professional, recreational, intellectual, relational, academic. Because coaching is very much concerned with addressing blocks to achieving goals it is highly likely that, even if your primary goals were related to outdoor activities or youth work, very soon we would be considering the other aspects of your life that affect these. That's why it's called life coaching - because it is so all-embracing.
Yes. Be in touch and we can have a chat. This can include a free mini taster session of coaching if you wish.
Providing you give 24 hours notice before the next arranged session you will receive a full refund for the remaining sessions.
I am not an expert in either. My understanding is that psychotherapy and counselling are concerned with addressing the effects of illness and the past on current behaviour. Coaching is concerned with realising an individual's potential into the future and starts with the present.
This was one of my first questions before I first hired a life coach. After I had hired one I was glad I had invested the money. The benefits I had gained made the fee seem extremely reasonable.
Flexible. So far I have always managed to fix mutually convenient times with a client.
Yes. I am an associate member of the European Coaching Institute
I have successfully worked with people with a wide range of spiritual and non-spiritual beliefs. I have not yet come across spiritual beliefs incompatible with coaching.
It's possible to an extent. Really good coaching requires a high degree of objectivity. Friends and family are unlikely to have this. That's what makes them good friends and family.
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